Tips solve problems in a professional

There are three problems to be resolved are matters relating to the existence of the enterprise which I directed, was the signing of the MoU and handling problem employees or employees who are deviating from the correct way of working. Although tired, but this is a challenge as professional workers.

I led the company has developed and engaged in commerce, suddenly there was the head of department felt by some subordinates are incompetent subordinates deal with work issues. When I call some customers who do complain, it was all a mistake it was limited to the head of a less professional in carrying out the task to explain to what had been decided at the meeting of the shareholders meeting. Therefore themoretips will provide some useful tips to us all.

As for tipsnya are as follows:
1. to review all the decisions I ever made, and explain in detail one items accompanied by several reasons rationalizing, and clearly expressed What are the benefits can be of any consideration to produce the decision; whether associated with the product, packaging or even how to market their work.

2. shows the weaknesses of what consumers complained and some of the objection charged to the company in this case is the part, of course, with a tone polite and wise and not patronizing, because in the working world there are no teachers, there is exchange thoughts and exchange experiences. What does it mean if the head of department director does not support it, whatever that means my company's production plant oimpin if I do not consumed by the market. So I had to really be careful and as wise as possible in the menuturkannya.

3. I asked all customers to complain of complaints, advice, assessment and constructive criticism which I guess makes it easy to create a better product again. I hope that all consumers build good image of the products I issued:

Attention: "all problems can be solved with dialogue full maturity" of dialogue that is driven by a sense of responsibility and desire to mencapi lofty ideals that can be utilized for the common good.

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