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Probably a good idea before you read first at about blog the time of the learning process at school, then all kinds of educational activities will be guaranteed smooth and focused in the hands of teachers or teachers. But, what about at home, whereas the duration of time at home longer than at school. Usually there are several obstacles in the natural by a student who wants to repeat the lessons delivered by teachers at the time was in the house. For example, because the home demand is not too formal, casual effect, TV, toys and others.

Now the more tips will give you some tips to learn at home easily without payanh bother to remember the lessons that have been submitted by the teacher at the school. These tips have been tested several times, aiantaranya are:

1. Prepare a regular time each day to study at home, there are arab proverb says: "continuous's better than doing a thousand kemulyaan but not continuous". So ... as parents, make your home like atmosphere to learn in school to their educational well tetaep even at home.

2. Ulagilah lessons delivered by teachers with immediate, if their study time at night means repeating the same night or the study of education provided by his teacher this morning, watch out ... if there is homework to do in the evenings to complete, not to wait for the future. If the future is like waiting for people to eat, learn the lessons that are still warm, or just the same as eating warm rice side dishes .. though still unsettled feel good. Vice versa when eating stale rice satay even still wear uncomfortable.

3. Make sure all the formulas and keywords that morning learned by heart by heart (well scattered )

4. If there's still time, prepare books and school supplies for tomorrow morning, and check back once the goods have not done homework in the previous weeks

5. Sleep ... and do not forget to read the prayers ya ...

Many people are not smart but intelligent action, you are an intelligent cook can not do something smart ...

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