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Globalized information flooding throughout our lives, including the information through print media, to extract information and news by reading the course, if the problem is how fast the way we read. Of course when we would much taken to read, imagine if you have completed three or four books a day.

Therefore, more tips will give you tips to read quickly so we are not a lot of time taken to read, another advantage of the quick read will get a lot of information from a relatively short time (read: efficient)

To read the main capital is the normal to the eye, because eye movements have an important function in this regard. Eye's ability to receive information from which he read a velocity greater than the ear, versus eight times faster. Ear can hear 250 words per minute while the eye can read the 2000 per minute. To be able to run an effective course we must understand this tips.

You see, our eyes caught only when the information stops moving, if we move the eyes or many blinks then pause at that time not to receive information from the media that we observe, especially if sleep ho ho ho. Now, that cycle on the eyes when reading is as follows: move-stop-reading-move-stop-reading, etc. to read the key point is to minimize the amount of rapid eye movement stops and at the same time maximizing the number of words read in each round of eye movement no blank from reading.

The following tips will we give it and can direct the test to read this blog or by reading the content education at home tips or signing tips MoU

1. Focus your mind to read the object which we read, do not think of anything else, because it will interfere with our concentration on the reading because it will influence the transformation process of the eye to the brain nerve.

2. Eliminate reading with words because we know that only a limited ability to hear, while the hearing is coming from a strong reading means reading the words will also slow down and spend time alone

3. If you can not read with your heart, if it was used and it is concentrated enough to read only with the eyes. So that the transformation process, which originally faster heart-eye-eye-brain to brain, it becomes faster

4. in reading do not rush for a conclusion that reading is a process of identification of knowledge, while the conclusion will present itself if the results of our brains.

5. Do not bother reading the link in, it would be nice if you recognize the writing and delivery style in books or literature you read, this way we are expected to master the reading of information from the media who are in our grasp

6. If you do not believe please try it, to test it would be nice if you read the item entitled truth in love

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