Tips to take lessons ill

During our mental health surely is the main passions in his life career. We just try and Allah is decisive, but sometimes the disease also came without the law and disrupt the daily agenda of people who were attacked by the disease. Regardless of what triggers the illness by a doctor.
a few days ago we were not able to on-line as usual because of illness. His name is also a blogger, with the pain finally dapet also a title for this post deh.

Tips We provide a way this should be done to take advantage of sick, so be patient and every inch of our lives always have value reward from God Almighty. Among which must be done is as follows;

1. Besides the expert doctor visits, do also pray. Pray recognized by all religions have a supernatural power which encourages outstanding optimistic of the things that we try. Now with a sense of optimism as a key provision to combat the disease from the body. Because there is a saying that 75% of the drug comes from within ourselves, including the willingness and efforts to recover, while 25% are from outside the self.

2. do not be too focused on the sick organ, because there are many of our organs are functioning properly aka healthy. This meant that we remain a servant who is always grateful to God Almighty.

3. keadaann ill do it in contemplation, so that we always can always use a healthy time in perfect condition, as hadith prophet who more or less meant as follows:

"Take five things before the arrival of five other things, the life before you come you die, your senses before coming ill, when you relax before your busy, your youth before old age comes to you, when you're rich before you hermits"

4. patient in each pulse of pain, because every pain will reduce the small sins of our.

5. he he eh .. maybe ill also come because of our own negligence in terms of health care. So subtract blogging at night on an empty stomach or too deep to force myself to work ..

Make all the things that happened as a capital for the worship of God, including whipping pain. The hands of the believers worship could be worth anything, as long as we all can reap the lesson. Please read the content healthiy tips



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