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Happiness is invaluable given that there are two lots and given rizki health. What does it mean a lot if rizki our bodies healthy and not vice versa. Therefore, health care is something that needs to be taken seriously, especially when the weather is uncertain.

Accumulated amount of work to make someone forget to consider his health, to maintain your health is more tips will provide some healthy tips on daily activities, although our previous post about tips also fit in between the

1. maintain body condition to always fit in a way that drinking lots of water because water is very good for the body's metabolism, drinking water is as important as protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. I need to inform you that 60% of our body weight on dominance with fluid. Therefore we need a lot of fluid in the body.

2. regular exercise, especially for office workers are required to exercise the joints of the body joints such as hands, legs, back, neck and other joints joints to work properly and are not easily hurt. Exercise also can facilitate a healthy blood flow and cardiac work. One of the benefits of sport is also for fun, so do not wrong if said that sport is a form of refreshing.

3. adequate rest, with adequate rest all the organs of the body will return to normal and ready to work. Rest it is best to sleep, because sleep is a way to rest in total including giving rest to the mind. Including the bloggers should not be too excessive in the activity. Sleeping in the ideal portion can add intelligence because sleep will improve the information that was received at the time did not sleep.

4. Refreshing, this way needs to be done to simply relax the strained nerves due to various activities that take concentration. The main purpose of refreshing the mind is to reduce the burden that had accumulated due to the many activities of the office, please read my post the tittle heart-healthy tips


  1. It's not easy to start exercise in the morning. Although it's hard to get up early, I always try.


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