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Writing is another way of saying the phrase and the idea that there are ideas in the mind. in the current world literature and its power is like a jack that can create and print something. the text itself has the power to manage the human, such as text laws, regulations or agreements. so, the power of the text is not in doubt in the current era.

To become a professional writer, you must seek the right to train and noticed the tips below, the profession has not been cultivated writing by today's society, so much written that is not original writing of copy and paste the results. Themoretips will give tips to become a professional writer, one must note is as follows:

1. Collect your data to be written, and check your writing flow. because the flow that makes berbeilt readers will get bored and the not spirit to read

2. give new news belun been written by someone else, because the information will be favored by new readers.

3. craft with a straightforward language, clear and straightforward, I myself hate to beat around the bush content to just spend time alone.

4. writing that inspires someone to do the action is good writing, for each post and its core idea is to influence others to participate as we write

5. how important is your writing for others. Let us return to our each blog.

five tips above are important education a blogger, not just from game to shoot keyword just to get dollars. Be a professional writer good luck, I'm not patronizing you, but just sharing with bloggers all.


  1. kunjungan balasan ke blog mbak Rohayati yang cakep. foto clouse up nya keereeeeeeeen. salam kenal ya

  2. namanya mbak Rohayati yaaa??? cakep & manis mbak ,
    salam sukses selalu mbak

  3. postingnya diperbanyak lagi ya!semangat

  4. Salam kenal dan hangat Teh,
    Semangat selalu kn?

  5. wow, really good tips.. I'l try it..

  6. sepakat sekali Mba. ini semua bermuara pada kualitas tulisan pada blog. saya kira memang menulis yang bermanfaat bagi pembaca tak kalah pentingnya dengan mencapai formalitas blog seperti PR yang bagus.

    kalau saya sih, masih asal nulis saja. yang penting nulis...dulu. saya yakin...lama-lama juga akan tambah bagus, semoga.


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