Tips on talking to steal sympathetic

to socialize with anyone, whether co-workers, family or just people who we know even need communication. Means of communication in this regard so many kinds, with a gesture, a smile, with the writing and the most widely used is the word.

Referring to the title above, tips themoretips it will limit ordinances relating to lure other people with words, from the tone, intonation, language structure and word choice used. Words are the main capital in interacting with other people, if we communicate well our run will be personality that can be accepted by all people with kindness, and vice versa if we use language we often offend other people in the middle of the community life uncommunicative even ho ho ho so terrible, especially if the words because we have the social sanction of the members of the community.

A person is considered authoritative when communication goes well built, and vice versa. Between TIPS to speak to others is:

1.said with polite and not loud, talking loud to disturb other people, because it affects the psychological tone, with said gently sympathetic aura will show the speaker's personality itself. Remember the commandments given to Moses as meek to speak with a fragment of verse is Fir'un
وليقولوا قولا لينا
"And said with gentle words"

2.said to others with a kind word, not a language that can hurt other people .. every word will be consumed by the liver, if it had been pierced by the words it will always be forever remembered.
In this piece of God's word verse. An-nisa ': 5
وقولوا لهم قولا معروفا
"speak to them words of kindness'

3. Said to be consistent, he said according to what they are, do not lie .. because the words of a lie will hurt people who lied, but say it with honesty as QS fragments. an-nisa ': 9
فليتقوا الله وليقولوا قولا سديدا
"And bertaqwalah to God, should you say with the right words"

4. said by someone else with intent to deliver something. Do not provoke reactions of others. Saying something in a language that resulted in wing alan others is wrong and not a trace tagkap to the other person, it is based on a fragment of the word of God, (Surat an-Nisa ': 63)
وقل لهم في أنفسهم قولا بليغا
"And say to them the words that scar on their souls"

5. said by choosing language that is easily accepted, do not say the language is difficult, if there are other language options are more straightforward then just say degnan straightforward language and clear. (Surat al-Isra ': 28)
فقل لهم قولا ميسورا
"Then say to them, saying the proper (acceptable)"

6.said well and adjust the weight of the contents of the word, people will assess the content rather than on hard to say whether intonation and conversation. (Surah Al Muzammil: 5)
إنا سنلقي عليك قولا ثقيلا
"We will reduce the weight to the words"

Use the time given to you to talk a good and solid short, choose a straightforward language and clear, kerana others will prove your personality in what you say

You are the lion's mouth you, if you are wrong in saying he will pounce on you. if you want to read other conten please read arrogant impoverish tips


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