Heart-healthy tips

The heart is the organ of the body's most vital. The heart pumps blood flow to all members of the body. This blood flow is absolutely necessary because the flow in addition to flow the body juices of the food is also useful to kill toxins in the body. The more tips will provide some healthy tips to readers of all. May we all be able to run carefully and regularly.

We all know how important health care. hiks.. hiks.. This is the first time in the post healthy tips. Among that must be considered is;

1. Remember, how important to recognize the risk factors that cause heart attacks, both our friends or our brothers. Thus, the ability to maintain in order to avoid the risk of heart attack more vigilant.

2. Choosing a healthy diet, such as avoiding foods that contain high fat, red meat, fried foods and so on. Replace with a more healthy foods like vegetables or fruits, for vegetables and fruits more secure

3. Keep your weight balanced in the normal range. With normal weight then the pace maker will be easier.

4. Regular exercise. Because the sport will train the pacemaker and blood circulation. Know! at the time of circulatory exercise will run faster and will carry all the toxins in the body.

5. keep cholesterol with in normal limits. If you feel a high cholesterol consult with your doctor.

6. General check-up, your health please... check regularly ... to consult your health to the doctor, the health will be more secure.

7. Doing relaxation. This is intended to be a heart beat in a normal daily walk as usual.


  1. One left, the heart must bu fullfill by pray. Coz pray is actually the food of heart.

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  3. mbak rohayati, bolehkah saya copy isi blognya. dan tetap saya buat sumbernya mbak. thanks jawabannya


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