Tips to buy phone blackberry

electronic devices this one we all already know and familiar, the kind of cellular phones this one is really awesome features such as full PC running.

Business people are not all honest in matters of goods sells goods, usually there are trying to fraud, so that you are safe from fraud then I suggest the following tips to follow so that we do not anticipate deceived in buying these blackberries. include the following:

1. buy in the right place is safe from counterfeiting, because it was buying the place and formally trusted to avoid this undesirable result.

2. If you buy a BlackBerry in the overseas purchase and make sure it is in the unlocked.

3. See the condition of the goods being sold, make sure to buy goods that are still fresh and truly in excellent condition.

4. for sure try it before you separate from BlackBerry shop is located, because if the complaint has been separated usually not be accepted by the seller.

6. Note the PIN and IMEI on the BlackBerry, this is to avoid the legality of the goods

7. Do not be easily tempted by ads that sell the BlackBerry with a cheap price and not rational.

8. Ask your friends who used to wear for the BlackBerry has never used the nearest person you invite to join as a companion and commentator of the BlackBerry that will be your ransom.

9. Perform testing to try to see the contact and his memory, all would still be fresh

Good Mobile BlackBerry Tips bought this can be useful to many parties, especially the lay of the BlackBerry, and who will download MP3 Free and song lyrics


  1. Sayangnya hingga kini saya masih merasa BB itu blum penting, ckup internatn 1 jam/ hari utk blogging, dah...jd klo utk bwl BB, blm. Salam kenal

  2. saya tunggu mbak jawabannya. thanks


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