Tips on telling the truth

honesty is commendable trait that can enlighten the mind. Honest itself means to describe the object in accordance with what it is, honest in the form of words, deeds, beliefs and so on. The more tips will now be discussing this issue is, especially in the saying.

The person who is telling the truth to say something about what they are, whether it be events, beliefs or other social phenomena. We often hear sweet promises to the people, such as employment, improved health facilities, regulatory changes in favor of the little people and other promises, but a promise is a debt (al wa'du dainun).

People who are not honest in saying medically racing heartbeat will be harder. It causes blood flow abnormalities. which will result in pain;

1. said all in accordance with what is, and no additional form whatsoever. Unless it is about the life of another Origin

2. don't said if if we are not able to prove it. Because the word that has not happened that's a promise. A promise is a debt

3. reproduced silent, and speak only as needed. your tiger your mouth is, if you are wrong in saying you will your talking pounced on by themselves. Do not just because someone won the sympathy and make an appointment to soar. Yes ... h especially for positions

4.the price ourselves inside talking it, if you say something that can not be trusted then all over your body will not have a price said a language not one's wings to avoid misunderstanding, in the Qur'an says, memorized (falyaquuluu qaulan maysuura)

Sekai, someone lied to cover up the lies that someone needs a bigger lie to cover up these lies. The lying is part of the great sins MESTI AVOID [point]

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